Supporting Australasian manufacturers to remain competitive on the world stage.

By providing a high quality, cost effective product that is locally made, we are able to ensure that our customers are able to focus on core capabilities and excel in a competitive international market.

Our Promise


We know that our customers expect our products to work and keep on working. Providing the back bone of the electronic systems in critical equipment, we know that at times lives depend on our products. We know that our customers need complete peace of mind and knowledge that they are dealing with the best. That is why the come to Fero and we have to maintain this reputation with every single product that we make.



We understand that things don’t always go to plan when manufacturing your products. Our philosophy is that we are in partnership with our customers to ensure that their products can be made to spec in a timely and efficient process. We have significant manufacturing experience and can help to ensure design for manufacture, quality and cost-efficiency.

We also know that when everything is turning to custard, our customers need us to provide immediate and unlimited support to get the project back on track.



Our products are all bespoke subassemblies to be incorporated in customer products. To this end we believe that our customers should have as much transparency into our processes, production and supply chain as they do into their own. We work very closely with our customers so that they are aware of how we manage our business to ensure that we can exceed their expectations every time.

We can help.

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